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Leavin' On A Jet Plane

The time has officially come... today is my last day in L.A. and I'm gearing up to board the plane to D.C. for staging. In true Brittany-style, I am frantically putting together the last bits and pieces of things with the hopes of spending the Taco-Tuesday enjoying the company of my family (most likely a wii bowling tournament will be on the schedule).

This past week has been incredible... Any loose ends that existed are seemingly tied up. I spent a few nights last week visiting friends, took part in graduation last Friday morning, spent a day in San Diego to watch Rhea graduate and to celebrate (congrats sis!!!!), met with my Aunt Nancy and Uncle Richard for breakfast, watched the Lakers lose to the Nuggets, and said my good-bye to Malibu by way of good conversation and my absolute favorite beach hike.

While there were many emotional and tearful good-byes this weekend, a fellow Peace Corps trainee reminded me that many hellos are soon to follow. This is an adventure of a lifetime and I am so ready to be absolutely present in it. I will do my very best to write one last time before I leave DC and let you know how staging goes.

In abundant love, b.


Anonymous said...

There was most indeed a Wii bowling tournament. I'll be practicing in your absence so that when you get back, I can be assured a winning game. ;) Hope you've arrived safe and sound and can't wait to talk with you...


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