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An Update in Photos

A night on the town before we are sent to Dedza for our Mid-Service Training. I've been in Malawi for one year (just 14 months to go)!!!!

Salima Neighborhood (Sitemate) Dinner, including lots of laughs and the best mexican fajita-ritos in country!

The next few pictures are a series "my kids" learning how to use a camera...

Not a bad one...

Now this is a VERY typical picture... I often have to remind them about the importance of including people's heads in pictures.

Just a few of "Auntie Thoko's kids" playing bowu on the porch

Tree Planting at Matenje Secondary School:

I grew about 20 papayas and 50 mango trees in my 1m x 1m compost pit alone. I split these trees between the health centre, friends, neighbors and the girls dormitory at the secondary school. Not all of the trees will take, but the project was intended to incite discussions about taking responsibility for the future. Papayas might produce fruit in the next 2 years while mangoes can be a 5-10 year commitment.
A top view of my compost pit (half full)

One of my favorite pictures: She made a protective fence to ward of the goats... we'll see how it stands up to their crop-eating habits...

The Secondary School in the background. The block on the left is where I taught physical science.

Getting the Headmaster involved!

Leave it to the girls to provide the muscle...

A partial view of my front yard (including my freshly slashed lawn :) You can find lemon grass, papaya, jatropha, pineapples and moringa for now.

Cooking beans


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